Live Natural Ninety 4 – Live Life King Size…….

In Counseling and Psychological Consultancy you name it, we have it. The Live Natural Ninety 4 is a professional program, that has provided counselling and counselor training for the better mental health of our communities for over Twenty years. We are passionate about promoting positive mental health. Our objective is to provide the public with relief of suffering from mental or emotional difficulties. And our mission enables people on low incomes to have access to affordable, long term counselling which is not widely available elsewhere in the Country.

We have recently finalized our strategy for 2017-18 and accordingly we have decided to render our professional services at very minimum charges to at first 1000 members till 31st March 2018.

We mainly offer our services in following categories:

  1. Child Counselling
  2. Educational Counseling
  3. Career Counseling
  4. Pre-Marriage Counseling
  5. Post-Marriage Counseling
  6. Psychological Counseling