Post-Marriage Counselling

Sometimes a situation comes where you start blaming or claiming with your spouse. The reason behind that situation may be any. Husband & Wife both of them start arguments on one or other act made by spouse. Sometimes both of them stop talking to each other even on important issues. Both of them they come up with the main problem of ego. The situation may go up to the separation and eventually that leads to the divorce.

Counselor need to have at least five interactions with an individual person initially. Some times it takes six to eight months to solve the issues depending on the situation. Only there after joint interactions are scheduled. There has to be at least four joint interactive sessions along with counselor who would try for patch up.

In some cases, there is only initial problem of inter-communications. Such cases can be solved in three to four sessions. Only one or two sessions are conducted for separate interactions and there after in joint sessions problems can be solved if the situation is very normal.

The overall understanding levels are judged by counselors at the time of interactions with both. Both of them have to undergo with soft skills programs to achieve the aims and objectives in next two more extra sessions.

Each and every interaction is made it confidentially. The Privacy and Secrecy both are maintained from the beginning, right from their names, locations, background, family etc.