Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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This is where you should get answers to the most common questions prospective members might have. It’s a good idea to cover things like your benefit, necessity, time and money, etc. Check out the examples below.

What’s our benefit of meeting your Counselor?

You would be benefited by all means. You would be able to share your problems with our Counselor for solving them initially with the help of simple and normal interactions. Your educational, financial, social, personal, psychological, emotional problems can be minimized.

What is the necessity to meet Counselor?

Yes, it is very very necessary to meet Counselor for solving your various problems. Counselor can give you important tips to solve your problems. In these days almost every person is facing a problem one or the other. Most of the people have various problems in their day to day life. Every body wants to come out from the problems and want to grow in years to come in wonderful journey of life.

What about my Time & Money ?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable Counselors are available to answer your every question. Obviously you need to spend your little Time & Money both. This wouldn’t be spending but going to be an Investment. About Time you have to spare min 30 or max 60 minutes and about Money again the same would be very much affordable and it’s just Rs. One Thousand for First Session and Rs. Five Hundred for every next Sessions.

How many min number of interactions required in case of Child Counseling ?

Usually, we suggest to have min Three initial Interactions to know your child in detail. Sometimes children don’t open or express themselves in front of new person, if they are too small. Little grown up have different type of feelings and so they also sometimes don’t speak with Counselor in first interaction.

How many days it takes to settle the issues in Post-Marriage Counseling ?

Obviously, that vary from person to person. Most of the time counselor need to meet both members separately to understand several reasons and their experiences with each other. This may take two months or six months also. Both members should be able to give cooperation to counselor to solve the issues at an early date.

What about the privacy & secrecy of interactions that may be sensitive ?

100% privacy and secrecy is maintained about interactions and personal / individual discussions. Because most of the aspects are related to personal life. Even if any testimonials are to be incorporated here on website the names of concerns are always changed.

Do I need to personally meet the counselor ?

Yes, it is advisable to meet in person at least initially for six to seven interactions to know the situations, problems, personalities etc. Afterwords one can get the services through email & whatsapp by making reasonable charges on monthly basis.

Can I work as a counselor under the banner of lnn4 ?

Yes, why not, you can also start working under the banner of lnn4 as counselor after undergoing educational program with the duration of six months. The concern details are given Education. On successful completion of the concern program one can join lnn4.

Is there any career opportunity to work under lnn4 ?

Always, If candidate has done post graduation in Counseling or Psychology is eligible to become counselor under the banner of lnn4. The work activities are all on purely contractual terms. The pay package is worked out on the basis of number of hours the candidate spends in the activities.