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Are you interested in the psychological processes involved in learning and development? Would you like to explore your ideas through a research Masters? Are you preparing for work as a practicing psychologist, planning for further study through our program, or hoping to apply your knowledge and skills in an educational context? We offer full-program under correspondence, that will allow you to explore topics in psychology and education that are close to your heart. The correspondence option is identical, except in length. We also offer a conversion course add-on after completing the basic program successfully.

Academic staff in the Psychology and Education group comprise an international team. We share expertise across a wide range of ages, subject areas and research methods in psychology and education. We invite you to read more about the research we are doing.

The following is the outline of the program:

  1. Child Counseling: 1st Month – Max Marks 40 / 40 / 20 = 100
  2. Educational Counseling: 2nd Month – Max Marks 40 / 40 / 20 = 100
  3. Career Counseling: 3rd Month – Max Marks 40 / 40 / 20 = 100
  4. Pre-Marriage Counseling: 4th Month – Max Marks 40 / 40 / 20 = 100
  5. Post-Marriage Counseling: 5th Month – Max Marks 40 / 40 / 20 = 100
  6. Psychological Counseling: 6th Month – Max Marks 40 / 40 / 20 = 100

                                                            Total Marks = 600

I would like to apply for this correspondence program with six months duration. I have gone through the contents and understood the syllabus as well as Exam pattern too. After accepting my this application I would immediately pay amount of Rs. 20,000/- as against the program fees with in once week.