Child Counselling

Most of the time you expect your child to grow differently. But you are unable to spare your time to look after him / her or to give him appropriate guidance. Then you have to accept the situation. But now you have taken right decision since you have came across this website

Anything related to you child behavioral problem you can rest assured since you have come in contact with There are various situations while dealing with different children of different age groups. We always follow Interactive Talk Therapy, the most commonly used and more effective also. The behavioral conduct may be any we suggest to undergo at least six sessions in three months initially and few more sessions in near future if needed. In some cases child doesn’t respond to parents, doesn’t go out to play with friends, doesn’t take enough food on time, doesn’t behave properly, doesn’t follow the ethics or systems of the family, doesn’t ware cloths properly, doesn’t answer or reply properly and correctly likewise there are lot of different problems / situations. In regards with such problems / situations you have to register your child’s name for first interactions.

There might be several questions in your mind viz.:

  • What should I do if my child doesn’t cooperate?
  • How can I handle the situation when my child becomes violent?
  • Where should I take my child for guidance to become good person?
  • What would make my child to do studies regularly?
  • How would my child get involve and enjoy family functions?
  • When should I take my child to play on ground for out door games?
  • What would make his mind to act and react ethically?

    You can rest assured to get appropriate & correct answers to your such questions.