Pre-Marriage Counselling

“Marriages are made in Heaven”, normally people say like this. Marriages should be made A One. What you need is clear and complete interactions before you get marry. Our counselors do that only. A Bride & Groom both of them are taken into confidence just by interacting with them individually and jointly too. Initially counselors try to understand their personalities, expectations from each other, their likes and dislikes, hobbies, choices, tastes and lifestyle so on…..

Counselors also discuss with them about their Social, Financial, Physical, Metal, Emotional, Psychological, Educational etc expectations from each other. Counselor try to understand their individual abilities from the view point of Social, Financial, Physical, Metal, Emotional, Psychological, Educational etc just to see whether they are matching with other or not?

Both Bride & Groom are informed to keep interacting with each other on various different aspects on various occasions as to make their mind very clear. These interactions may not be necessarily related to their family or individual life but may be on any happenings or experiences they have in their day to day life. The techniques of such interactions are also discussed with them. This need to be done sometimes separately or jointly depending on the situation and need of the time.

In normal circumstances, both of them need at least five interactive sessions with counselor as to go for interesting future life. But if either of them or both don’t cooperate then the number of sessions my need to be increased according to situations.

Each and every interaction is made it confidentially. The Privacy and Secrecy both are maintained from the beginning, right from their names, locations, background, family etc.