About Us

Live Natural Ninety 4 – The name for Personal Growth.

Passionate about promoting positive mental health.

The Live Natural Ninety 4 is a professional program, that has provided counselling and counselor training for the better mental health of our communities for over Twenty years.

Our mission enables people on low incomes to have access to affordable, long term counselling which is not widely available elsewhere in the Country. Our counselor training service promotes personal development and growth whilst supporting communities through the provision of further qualified counselors providing a talking therapy.

Our objective is to provide the public with relief of suffering from mental or emotional difficulties by the provision of therapeutic counselling, education and training of persons in the practice of therapeutic counselling, and the promotion of better mental health and psychological well being.

Founded in 1985 , the Live Natural Ninety 4 has become one of the most popular counselling and training center in Pune, Maharashtra, India to those who are suffering from emotional distress in order to enhance the individual’s well being. We strive to get people the help they need regardless of income and aim to stamp out the stigma surrounding mental health.

Our Principal Counselor has a clinical background, so we are unique in having people working and running our organisation who understands counselling and are passionate about this work. Within our team of 10 are many of our former trainees and volunteers who enjoy giving us their time – we enable people to help themselves and others and that’s why we’re here.

We have recently finalized our strategy for 2017-18 and accordingly we have decided to render our professional services at very minimum charges to at first 1000 members till 31st March 2018.

Can’t decide what career you want? Which course to take or drop? Are you running out of money, food or time? Trying to come to terms with a relationship-or dealing with a difficult situation? Are you feeling overwhelmed? If you need some help or just someone who will listen while you talk things through, you’ve come to the right place. We listen. Whether your concerns are academic, career-related or personal, our experienced professional team of caring Counselors understands what students are dealing with and how to help. We offer one-on-one counselling, career-choice assessments, peer tutoring, topical group workshops, resources, and more.

All of our services are at very nominal charges to students and confidential.
Contact us to arrange an appointment with a counselor.