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Psychological Counselling

Live Natural Ninety 4 – Live Life King Size…….

Different things to different people. An individual person has different approach, different thought, different perception it is just because every person is different from each other. Two persons on the planet may look like each other or same externally, but still, they think, behave, express, act and react differently. Their moods are generated separately according to situations & their individual approach towards those situations. One can not easily make out or judge the thought process that goes on in mind of an individual person.

The moods and mind thoughts are also never same for seconds or minutes together. They may change in after every moment too. Some times you are comfortable with the situation but some times not. These are nothing but, all different Psychological situations. Counselors give you some good tips in such situations. They guide you to solve your Psychological problems. They try to become your friend to make you more and longer comfortable.

Many times, person who has little problem in regards with Psychological reasons doesn’t like or want to share the same with anyone. He / She goes into depression and some times in frustration too. Counselor is a person who keeps you away from such situations. Only you need to cooperate with counselor and must be very honest while having interactions.

In normal circumstances, the person who has less problems due to particular reason can come out from the situations in six to eight Interactive sessions with counselor. Otherwise it may take more time and need more sessions to solve the problems. Counselor can help you to live natural ninety 4 and live your life king size. Certain exercises are supposed to be done at home by the concern person to get everything done in appropriate manner and in early days.

Post-Marriage Counselling

Live Natural Ninety 4 – Live Life King Size…….

Sometimes a situation comes where you start blaming or claiming with your spouse. The reason behind that situation may be any. Husband & Wife both of them start arguments on one or other act made by spouse. Sometimes both of them stop talking to each other even on important issues. Both of them they come up with the main problem of ego. The situation may go up to the separation and eventually that leads to the divorce.

Counselor need to have at least five interactions with an individual person initially. Some times it takes six to eight months to solve the issues depending on the situation. Only there after joint interactions are scheduled. There has to be at least four joint interactive sessions along with counselor who would try for patch up.

In some cases, there is only initial problem of inter-communications. Such cases can be solved in three to four sessions. Only one or two sessions are conducted for separate interactions and there after in joint sessions problems can be solved if the situation is very normal.

The overall understanding levels are judged by counselors at the time of interactions with both. Both of them have to undergo with soft skills programs to achieve the aims and objectives in next two more extra sessions.

Each and every interaction is made it confidentially. The Privacy and Secrecy both are maintained from the beginning, right from their names, locations, background, family etc.

Educational Counselling

Live Natural Ninety 4 – Live Life King Size…….

An education is the most important aspects in the life of each one of us. This is not only require to meet you basic needs or requirements but also to get utmost satisfaction in the career that we want to opt for. Many times educational streams are chosen by keeping in mind the family background. But the selection should be always done by choice and not by chance. If a stream is selected as per choice then the candidate can spare maximum time, can put more energy and can take lot of efforts to get success.

There are lot of options, that are available, other than conventional streams and patterns. The candidate should be able to decide the sector that he / she wants to work in. There has to be a one strong domain / platform that can take care of your bread and butter. One may have alternate or parallel work activity of choice. While choosing stream, one has to be firm and confirmed, about the kind of efforts that are supposed to be taken during the tenure of the education.

Sometimes, you need to take altogether different decision. The location of an Institution may not be very much close by your house. But quality of education is good. Getting yourself enrolled in an Institution is not going to give you anything and everything. Candidate has to take lot of efforts while studding in that Institution. Counselor can guide you for your study patterns. Counselor may not be knowing the contents of your educational program but can give you tips to score maximum marks and also to get great grand success.

Candidate has to prepare studies for mainly two reasons – Learning for Examinations and Earning for Own Life. Since you have came across http://lnn4.com , you would be able to find turning point of your wonderful life.

Child Counselling

Live Natural Ninety 4 – Live Life King Size…….

Most of the time you expect your child to grow differently. But you are unable to spare your time to look after him / her or to give him appropriate guidance. Then you have to accept the situation. But now you have taken right decision since you have came across this website http://lnn4.com

Anything related to you child behavioral problem you can rest assured since you have come in contact with http://lnn4.com/. There are various situations while dealing with different children of different age groups. We always follow Interactive Talk Therapy, the most commonly used and more effective also. The behavioral conduct may be any we suggest to undergo at least six sessions in three months initially and few more sessions in near future if needed. In some cases child doesn’t respond to parents, doesn’t go out to play with friends, doesn’t take enough food on time, doesn’t behave properly, doesn’t follow the ethics or systems of the family, doesn’t ware cloths properly, doesn’t answer or reply properly and correctly likewise there are lot of different problems / situations. In regards with such problems / situations you have to register your child’s name for first interactions.

There might be several questions in your mind viz.:

  • What should I do if my child doesn’t cooperate?
  • How can I handle the situation when my child becomes violent?
  • Where should I take my child for guidance to become good person?
  • What would make my child to do studies regularly?
  • How would my child get involve and enjoy family functions?
  • When should I take my child to play on ground for out door games?
  • What would make his mind to act and react ethically?

    You can rest assured to get appropriate & correct answers to your such questions.

Pre-Marriage Counselling

Live Natural Ninety 4 – Live Life King Size…….

“Marriages are made in Heaven”, normally people say like this. Marriages should be made A One. What you need is clear and complete interactions before you get marry. Our counselors do that only. A Bride & Groom both of them are taken into confidence just by interacting with them individually and jointly too. Initially counselors try to understand their personalities, expectations from each other, their likes and dislikes, hobbies, choices, tastes and lifestyle so on…..

Counselors also discuss with them about their Social, Financial, Physical, Metal, Emotional, Psychological, Educational etc expectations from each other. Counselor try to understand their individual abilities from the view point of Social, Financial, Physical, Metal, Emotional, Psychological, Educational etc just to see whether they are matching with other or not?

Both Bride & Groom are informed to keep interacting with each other on various different aspects on various occasions as to make their mind very clear. These interactions may not be necessarily related to their family or individual life but may be on any happenings or experiences they have in their day to day life. The techniques of such interactions are also discussed with them. This need to be done sometimes separately or jointly depending on the situation and need of the time.

In normal circumstances, both of them need at least five interactive sessions with counselor as to go for interesting future life. But if either of them or both don’t cooperate then the number of sessions my need to be increased according to situations.

Each and every interaction is made it confidentially. The Privacy and Secrecy both are maintained from the beginning, right from their names, locations, background, family etc.

Career Counselling

Live Natural Ninety 4 – Live Life King Size…….

Career is like Carrier of your bicycle. Where ever you take your bicycle that Carrier is going to go with that. Our Career should be also like that. Where we are? that should not be the question or problem to continue with our own Career. We may be in our own country or in abroad, in mega city or in small town, in urban or rural region; that should not affect on our chosen Career.

Career should be chosen as such, that, the same should give you earning & turning in the life both at a time. Counselors, normally, get to know your choice of industry that your willing to work in. On getting complete information Counselors study the present scenario in the market and accordingly suggest three options.

Sometimes, you need to have at least Three interactions initially and there after three more to come to certain conclusions. Obviously that all depends how you get yourself involve in interactions.

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